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January 2020 Meeting Report

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

President Kevin Smith called the January meeting of the Assembly 12 to order that was held at Eagle Magic and Joke Store. The fourteen members attending included: Kevin Smith, Paul Black, Brad Gudim, Larry Kahlow, Tom O’Lenick, David Stahl, Drew Hanson, Todd Anderson, Adam Moore, Manny Betinis, Don Bursell, Jerry Martin, Paul Cook, and Roger Schmitt.  

A short business meeting included our current Treasurer’s report (about $2400 is available for events and lectures), an idea for a fundraising event and discussion about meeting dates and nights. Larry Kahlow agreed to be committee chair to look into possible lectures. Brad Gudim will head up a committee to discuss fundraising options for the group. No changes were made regarding our regular Friday meeting nights. Our next meeting date was changed to Friday, Feb 28th.  

Performances followed. Manny Betinis asked a question about which type of sponge ball vanish of two he demonstrated was perfered by the group. Drew Hanson produced a flaming business card from his wallet and did an effect that used the timer app on a cell phone. Don Bursell performed Ben Blau’s “Unphased,” a card matching effect.  Adam Moore did a clever book test using a Harry Potter book. Tom O’Lenick showed a new booklet written by Nick Diffatte called “Funny,” now in its second printing.  And finally, new member Roger Schmitt had a card selected which matched another in an envelop using the “Bernard Billis Switch”. 

Coffee, chocolate chip cookies and other treats were enjoyed by the members with continued fellowship by everyone until late in the evening. Our next meeting will be the annual  SAM Hocus-Pocus Assembly 12 auction. Sort through your stuff to sell and we will see you on Friday, Feb 28th.  

Roger Schmidt performs for those attending the monthly meeting.

September Meeting Report

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The SAM Assembly #12 resumed regular monthly meetings with the the September gathering. It was well attended with 15 magicians, many of whom performed for the group. Attending: president Tom O’Lenick; VP, Larry Kahlow; Paul Ladig; Tom Faggerstrom; Jerry Martin; Jack Boyd; Paul Cook; Paul Black; Kevin Smith; Dan Witkowski; Todd Anderson; Brad Gudim; Mike Platt; Adam Moore; and Emmanuel Betinis. 

The group discussions were very lively as everyone assembled prior to the official business and performance. The group agreed to hold the October (Fri.,10/18) and December (Fri.,12/13) meetings at the Regency Apartments Community Room at 2200 Plymouth Road in Minnnetonka. The November meeting (Fri.,11/15) will be at Eagle Magic and Joke store in Burnsville (our usual location).

As a final order of business, elections were held. A big “THANK YOU” to Kevin Smith who was unanimously elected as the new club President. Larry Kahlow will continue as Vice-president. The gavel will be passed and pounded at the next meeting.

Performances by Brad Gudim showing “Lucid Dreams” caused a photograph to change magically into a selected card. Mike Platt demonstrated a Paul Richards card effect called “Coersion.” Jack Boyd did a four ace assembly and finished with “Doonebury Delight.” Adam Moore and Manny Betinis also performed. 

Jennifer Kahlow, Paul Ladig and Jerry Martin provided snacks and cookies for the group following the demonstration of magic tricks. Mingling continued well into the later evening. 

Adam Moore collects dues!
Mike Platt performs a card trick while Paul Ladig, Tom Faggerstrom, Magic Brad Gudim and Tom O’Lenick watch closely.
Magic Brad Gudim is going to fine the spectators card with “Lucid Dreams.”
Paul Black happily holds “The Eagle Magician” published by Eagle Magic. Jack Boyd sits in the background.

SAM June Meeting

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

At one of our recent SAM Assembly #12 meetings the group decided to have an upcoming meeting at the same time as the Minneapolis Magic Collector’s Expo at the Doubletree Hotel in Minneapolis. So we set about to get together at the Expo in Mid June. President Tom O’Lenick got permission from Expo organizers David Sandy and Bill Smith to allow the group to attend member Larry Kahlow’s presentation on the History of Eagle Magic and Joke Store (now the oldest remaining brick and mortar magic shop in the United States) at the Expo.

Those that attended are shown in this group picture. Larry and Jennifer Kahlow, Tom Fagerstrom,  Kevin Smith, Brad Gudim, Tom O’Lenick, Paul Black, Paul Ladig, Drew Hanson, Jerry Martin, Steve and Sandy Meyer.

The SAM Assembly #12 now embarks upon its summertime hiatus until September. Until then, best magical wishes!  

May “Pizza” Meeting Report

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Twelve members arrived early for the May meeting to partake in the pizza and beverages that were provided by the Hocus-Pocus Assembly #12 to celebrate what appears to be Spring in Minnesota.

Spirited discussions preceded the actual business meeting about those attending the upcoming AbraCornDabra convention in Des Moines in about a week and the Minneapolis Magic Collector’s Expo on June 20-22.

The monthly theme was “Dice, remember never say Die.”
For “Teach-a-Trick,” President Tom O’Lenick showed a video on a Dice “Matrix” routine and how to learn dice stacking.

Brad Gudim showed a dice stacking routine he often performed in the past using a cup and dice that became completely transparent much to the surprise of the spectator.  Brad just happened to also have a trick in his bag mentioned by Todd Anderson and given to him years ago by Bruce Jensen called “Splat Die.”

Then, Paul Ladig demonstrated how a dice could lose it’s spots with “Spots Off” and showed an effect called “X-ray Vision Crazy Cube” where he was able to predict the number on top of a single die hidden inside two covered tubes.

Tom O’Lenick totally fooled with “Dieception.” Paul Cook rolled three dice in order to select a card. A prediction indicated that he would roll the number 10 on the dice (which he did) and his card would be the 9 of Clubs (which it was). Absolutely amazing!

Todd Anderson shared a brief story about how he acquired a Die Box created by a local member years ago. His story prompted numerous others to tell theirs. We also learned about a unique noise making “locking” sliding gimmick included in some die boxes. Todd promised to show us the Die Box at a future event.

A decision was made to gather for our next meeting at the Minneapolis Magic Collector’s Expo on Friday, June 21th (our regular monthly meeting day) at the DoubleTree Hotel in St. Louis Park. President O’Lenick will make arrangements for a place to get together since many members will be attending the function anyway. Watch the website for further details

The group chatted for some time following the performances before heading home full of pizza.

SAM April Meeting Report

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

A small but dedicated group of members attended the April meeting that was held just before the Easter weekend. As the group gathered, informal discussions about recent magical events were heard in conversations. One local event was the Masters of Illusion show held in the showroom of Mystic Lake Casino. 

When President Tom O’Lenick called the meeting to order, topics changed to upcoming events. In mid-May, AbraCornDabra will be a featured regional convention in nearby Des Moines, Iowa; former Minnesotan Nick Diffatte’s appearance at Magic Underground on April 26; Adam Trent will be at Mystic Lake Casino, the Minneapolis Collector’s Expo in June and a lecture and show by Professor Hoffman expert Dr. Will Houstoun from the UK. 

After the group business, O’Lenick reintroduced the “Teach-A-Trick” session with a presentation on Bob Hummer’s Face Up-Face Down Mysteries. Everyone broke out their cards and followed along to learn this clever trick.

Finally, individual performers showed the tricks they had prepared for the meeting theme, Card Tricks. Paul Ladig demonstrated “Chase the Ace.” Jennifer Kahlow showed a “Do As I Do” effect she called “Copy Cat.” Paul Cook fooled the group with a trick he recently learned at a FCE meeting in Ohio. A randomly chosen card predicted an amount of money that totaled $1.79. Then, Jerry Martin showed a 4 card trick where the cards reversed themselves, one at a time, until the last card changed color. First time guest Jim MacMiller did a trick with a card he named “Noah,” after one of his magic teachers. And, it turned out to be the spectator’s named card. Finally, Larry Kahlow presented the “Mental Photography” deck which many in the group had not seen before. Of course he had a few on hand for sale following the meeting!

Special thanks to Paul Ladig and Jerry Martin who provided snacks and our hosts, Jennifer and Larry Kahlow, for cookies and beverages. Magic conversation and fellowship lasted for almost another hour. 

The SAM Assembly #12 May meeting will be one week earlier than usual on Friday, May 10th and the location will be changed (for this event only) to the Regency Woods Apartments Community Room, 2200 South Plymouth Road in Minnetonka (just west of Ridgedale Mall). Plan to come a little early and share some pizza (hosted by the SAM) with your magician friends before the meeting gets started. Meeting theme: Dice tricks. But, remember never say “die!”

Jennifer Kahlow performs her version of a “Do As I Do” effect called “Copy Cat.” Jennifer often demonstrates tricks behind the counter at Eagle Magic and Joke Store. But, rarely performs for the SAM Assembly #12 group!
First time guest Jim MacMiller explained for whom he named a card. Jim named the card “Noah” after a local magician who has mentored him. BTW, the name was written on the back of a randomly selected card created by five spectators. Well done, Jim!
SAM Members watch a Teach-a-Trick video at the start of the April Meeting.

March Meeting Report

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

The snow has begun melting and Spring finally has taken root in Minnesota with temps above freezing which resulted in a good turn out for our March meeting. Unfortunately, a few regulars were not able to attend due to work conflicts and vacations in warmer locations. Nevertheless, we had spirited discussion and some great magical performances. Our theme was “Magic with thumb tips, sixth fingers, Sanada gimmicks and other appendages that can create great magic.” 

President Tom O’Lenick introduced guest John Gaspard who was on hand to promote “Sunday Night Magic” to the group. John, one of the three organizers of the monthly event at Theater in the Round, told everyone about the upcoming Peter Samuelson lecture and show happening in a week. Local magician and SAM member Steve Carlson is the opening act. Gaspard also introduced the new concept of “Flight Time” which will give some individuals a chance to perform in front of a “magic friendly” audience to try out new material. Pop Hayden is scheduled to appear at a Sunday Night Magic in the near future.

Next up we chatted about the book Del Ray, America’s Foremost – The Magician for His Time. We were fortunate to have one of Del Ray’s closest friends, David Stahl on hand to share some fascinating personal stories about Raymond Petrosky and his magic. If you are not aware of his magic you owe it to yourself to look him up on the internet!

Our performances for the evening began with Drew Hansen opening with a handkerchief vanish using a thumb tip in a non-traditional way. The hank went into the “TT” but it left the hand by way of the Vernon Wand Twirl vanish. A few moments later the handkerchief came back with the “TT” hanging at the end of the cloth. Drew got lots of laughs from the group! 

Next, Kevin Smith had a card selected and returned to the deck. He then looked for the “unique and different” card. He found three that seemed to match and finally the chosen one stood vertically on it’s own in front of him making it very “unique and different.”

Our host, Larry Kahlow showed two booklets on Thumb Tips Tricks that were written by the late Gary Darwin of Las Vegas. Kahlow passed around a collection of thumb tips he has acquired over time. Then,  also chatted about various gimmicks including the metal thumb tip used for vanishing a cigarette and the production of a silk from a cocktail napkin using a sixth finger. Something that local Minnesota magician Al Schneider often demonstrated as part of his lectures. 

Finally, Gary, an Assembly #12 guest, showed a clever signed bill switch which used a $1 Million Bill. The spectator’s borrowed signed bill was then found inside a sealed envelope that had been contained within two zippered bags. Well done and welcome, Gary!

Snacks, casual performances and magical conversations continued well into the evening.

February Meeting Report

Monday, February 18th, 2019

President Tom O’Lenick got the meeting started by showing the “heavy weight (almost 11 pounds)” new book written and published by Richard Kaufman called Deland – Mystery and Madness. The book comes with a special deck of cards printed by the US Playing Card Company of tricks that Theodore DeLand created from 1904 until 1931. Some included cards are for The Yogi Wonder Cards; The Devil’s Own Trick; X-ray Pack, and Phantom Card trick. O’Lenick also show two additional decks that Kaufman reprinted; The Automatic Trick Cards (deck with a million marks) and Wonder Deck. Deland was very prolific creating and selling hundreds of card tricks during his lifetime. Theodore DeLand, Jr. died in a psychiatric facility in 1931. 

The group also shared some upcoming regional events. On March 29th, Masters of Illusion will be at Mystic Lake Casino near Minneapolis. Piff, The Magic Dragon will be in nearby Madison, Wi. Jerry Martin will be attending and invited others to ride along. Also in March, Adam and Lisa Moore will be ending their year of performances at the Plymouth Playhouse. 

Tonight’s performances began Larry Kahlow performing the DeLand Phantom Cards. Then a “show and tell” by Jerry Martin. He showed a double reel device made by P&L that allows the magician to “float” a spread of cards between his widely separated hands. The P&L device was sold since the early 1960s. He then showed a clever new version called “Suspenz” which accomplished the same effect.

Next up was Drew Hanson. He show a very clever new trick that utilized a Rubick’s Cube that was mixed and hidden. Drew then correctly predicted the Green side with 100% accuracy. A new technology that most had not heard allowed Drew to fool the group. He was kind enough to share the method with everyone in a short tutorial session. I’m sure Google was deluged with searches following his presentation!

Tom O’Lenick announced he had made a prediction and then continued by asking four people to each select a random digit from 0 to 9 from which they would collectively create a valid time that you would see on a clock. The volunteers decided upon 7:53. O’Lenick then directed their attention to a black cloth bag that had been hanging in full view throughout the entire meeting. Without going near it, he had another individual collect the bag and announce what was inside. Surprisingly, it was a wristwatch set to the exact time that had been randomly created moments earlier. This is a great new effect called “ShowTime.”

Our next SAM #12 Assembly meeting will be on March 15th. The meeting theme will be “Thumb Tips, Sixth Fingers, Sanada gimmicks and other false appendages with which you can create great magic.” Plan to attend. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL. 

January Meeting Report

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

The threat of a severe Minnesota winter snow storm didn’t keep many magicians away from the January SAM #12 meeting which featured our annual auction. More than 20 magicians brought pockets full of money to take advantage of the deals that would ultimately be offered by the four sellers that brought boxes, bags, and tubs of magic. Upon a final review of the auction tally sheets more than 60 items were sold (most well below wholesale pricing) to everyone. The club receives 10% of the sale price of each item sold to add to our finances. All area magicians were invite to attend. Non-members were charged a $5 fee to participate in the auction.

Some items featured in the auction included numerous DVD titles, special decks of cards and packet card tricks, some magic collectibles and a few books and pamphlets. Unusually absent from the sale were any gimmicked or specialty coin tricks. I’m sure that most people took advantage of the excellent prices and brought home a new trick or two for their magic collection.   

The SAM Assembly #12 would like to extend special thanks to our Treasurer Adam Moore who tracked all the sales on a time saving computer program created by former local member Geoff Williams (now living in Florida). And, David Stahl who logged every single transaction. And everyone that came to the auction. 

Following the 2+ hour auction, members had snacks and deserts provided by host Larry Kahlow and others who brought yummy treats. Conversations about the “deals” people got continued for another hour. The theme for our next meeting will be “Magic you’ve learned from the Internet” on Friday, February 15th at 7pm at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville. Stay warm! Spring is just around the magical corner! 

The group of “buyers” anticipating the next great deal.
Savvas Nikolaides, one of the auction sellers hawks a dvd!

April Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Paul Ladig gets ready to perform

a miracle for the group.

Magic Brad Gudim and Manny Betinis look on. 

Prior to performances, we paid tribute to Bill Von Stocken who recently passed away. Bill, aka Darnay, mentored Justin Flom (as a young magian) who created a brief video tour of the theater, pictures of magicians, props and books that Darnay kept in the basement of his home. It was a very sentimental memory.

We then discussed creating a “Tribute Page” of deceased SAM members to add to our website. Even though the idea was enthusiastically embraced, there were a lot of questions about how to handle the information and what should be included. So a committee headed up by Greg Broder was created to explore details and how to proceed. Steve Peer, who first suggested the idea, Adam Moore our web administrator, and Larry Kahlow will also be members.

Tom O’Lenick and David Stahl reported on their recent trip to work as Stage Manager and Production Supervisor for the 50th Annual Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) Awards Show. David Copperfield was named “Magician of the Decade.” Numerous Showroom and Fellowship Awards were presented by Dick Van Dyke, Paul Reubens, John Gaughn, Mike Caveney, Michael Carbanaro and others. Notable recipients included Richard Turner, Johnny “Ace” Palmer, Shoot Ogawa, Collector Ken Klosterman, Historian Peter Lane and Shimada. Comedian and television personality Larry Wilmore was the host and Erika Larsen, Past President of the AMA was the Executive Producer.

The group also approved a lecture by Magician Steve Marshall on Tuesday, Sept. 18th. Steve, a former MUM columnist has appeared on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us and now lives in Japan. Mark your calendars. This will be a free event for SAM members. For all others admission will be $20.

“Rising cards and other ways to cause a card to magically leave the deck,” was the theme for our April Assembly meeting. Larry Kahlow started the performances by showing a technique for making a card rise from the deck using his little finger. Then, Paul Ladig showed a clever trick using a plexiglass holder with a rod penetrating the center. When the rod was removed, the deck “plopped” down and left the selected card rising out of the deck. David Stahl performed a Devano style rising cards finding two selected cards. Tom O’Lenick demonstrated Cardiographic Lite by Martin Lewis.

Treats were provided by Paul Ladig, Jerry Martin, Tom O’Lenick and Jennifer Kahlow. Magical socializing followed for about another hour.


Chatting after the meeting with Larry Kahlow, Brad Gudim,

David Stahl and Tom O’Lenick.


February SAM Assembly #12 Meeting Report

Sunday, February 25th, 2018


Despite a heavy snowfall early in the day, a small but vital group of magicians attended the February SAM Assemble #12 monthly meeting. We also welcomed two guests. Jason and Carter Moore, the sons of our Treasurer Adam Moore who attended with their Dad. They saw lots of magic up close and personal.

 Performances included Paul Cook who showed “Holey Moley” (by Jay Sankey) where the hole in one of two washers magically moved to join the hole on the other washer. Magic Brad Gudim did a classic coins across effect. Host Larry Kahlow demonstrated a few sleight of hand coin moves using half dollars and a pocket handkerchief. Larry also showed a classic “Coin Thru” to the kids. Adam Moore did a coin effect and showed a recent purchase of a Fantasma Magic “Pen Thru Dollar” that he found at a Dollar Store.
In keeping with the theme – “Paper Money or Coin Magic” President Tom O’Lenick performed the “Bag 4 Life” where a quarter magically is removed from a small plastic bag leaving a penny inside. He also showed the “Wonderland Bill” a topological trick (where a dollar bill magically turns around) created by Nick Brown  For the Teach-A-Trick portion of the meeting O’Lenick did a “Topsy-Turvy Dollar Bill” effect where alternating dollar bills were reversed and yet the presidents kept returning to the same face up orientation.
During the business meeting the group approved a donation of $100 to support the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan originally established by Bob and Elaine Lund.
We also agreed to change the dates of the April and May meetings (so as not to conflict with other magic events) to one week later than the regular monthly meeting day (third Friday). The April meeting will now be April 27 and then in May on May 25. Please update you calendars. The March meeting date will remain on the third Friday, Mar 16. The theme will be: “Magic with Things You’d find in a Casino.” 
Magic conversations and yummy cookies and other treats followed prepared and presented by host Jennifer Kahlow. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL

Thanks to the magic vendors that provide gifts to the group. ; and