SAM June Meeting

At one of our recent SAM Assembly #12 meetings the group decided to have an upcoming meeting at the same time as the Minneapolis Magic Collector’s Expo at the Doubletree Hotel in Minneapolis. So we set about to get together at the Expo in Mid June. President Tom O’Lenick got permission from Expo organizers David Sandy and Bill Smith to allow the group to attend member Larry Kahlow’s presentation on the History of Eagle Magic and Joke Store (now the oldest remaining brick and mortar magic shop in the United States) at the Expo.

Those that attended are shown in this group picture. Larry and Jennifer Kahlow, Tom Fagerstrom,  Kevin Smith, Brad Gudim, Tom O’Lenick, Paul Black, Paul Ladig, Drew Hanson, Jerry Martin, Steve and Sandy Meyer.

The SAM Assembly #12 now embarks upon its summertime hiatus until September. Until then, best magical wishes!  

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