Holiday Event Friday, Dec 21st

December 11th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick
Here comes our Holiday event gathering! The next SAM Assembly #12 will be Friday, Dec 21st at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville at 7 pm. The performance theme will be “Ropes” so bring something to perform. We’ll also have a White Elephant Gift Exchange so please bring a wrapped present valued at about $20 for the exchange. The gifts will be distributed after answering a magic trivia question. Then, the next round so will be able to steal another person’s gift (all in FUN). Following that we will devour all the food that everyone brings to share with the group. 

Plan Ahead for the January 18th meeting which will be the annual magic auction!

Moore Magic is SAM#12 October Meeting

October 22nd, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick
Adam Moore conducts the backstage tour for the group. He points out a massive electrical box once used for lighting in the theater but, now is totally non-functional. Impressive but useless.
Below, Adam is in front of a double door that can not easily be used as it exits underneath an outside deck of the restaurant that is directly above the Moore Magic Showroom.
Members of the SAM Assembly #12 Hocus-Pocus Club were treated to a  fun performance by Adam and Lisa Moore’s “Moore Magic” show at the Plymouth Playhouse Theater for our October meeting. The 90 minute show featured a Palaquin Production; Metamorphosis (aka Sub Trunk); and a fast paced Stock Exchange. Many smaller effects were individually presented by the magic couple such as, multiple rope tricks; bottle tricks; some scientific demonstrations which incorporated magical moments; multiplying billiard balls; a self dividing banana, and a clever baseball themed dart board card trick. Adam even showed how to perform a couple of simple tricks with colored handkerchiefs and and egg.
Following the actual performance which also showcased audience participation, Adam gave the SAM #12 group a backstage tour. He showed his sound and music set up, lighting controls and how his stage crew (his kids) maneuver around the huge concrete pillars on each side of the curtained  black box  area, where props are stored when not being used. They also have a simple closed circuit video system that allows them to see what’s happening on stage while preparing for the next trick backstage.
The show is truly a family affair as Adam and Lisa and their two children Carter and Jason work the concession stand, take care of all box office activities and ticketing, handle the theater marketing tasks, booking shows, creating of new magic routines for the show, emptying the trash and even cleaning the bathrooms. Anything and eveything you can imagine!
Then, during an informal question and answer session Adam offered tips about setting up and reopening the 211 seat theater venue that sat empty for nearly six months. Their future plans include hosting an Shakespearian acting troupe that will present a play, a local singer’s event and even a family magic show during the Christmas Season with Santa Claus. If you will be visiting the Twin Cities why not plan on a visit to the Plymouth Playhouse.
Our November meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 9th. One week earlier than our normal meeting date. We will return to the regular meeting place – Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville at 7pm. The theme will be to show something new that you’ve recently been practicing. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL.

SAM#12 to see Moore Magic @ Plymouth Playhouse

October 9th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick




Sam Assembly #12 is excited to announce that our next meeting on Friday, October 19th at 7 p.m. will be held at the Plymouth Playhouse to see Adam and Lisa Moore (Moore Magic) perform their 80 minute magic show. Following the show there will be a backstage tour of the theater and a question and answers session. individuals that join the SAM #12 (dues $15) prior to the meeting will be able to get into the show for free. Dues may be paid online at Become an SAM Assembly #12 member right away and take advantage of the free admission to see Moore Magic at the Plymouth Playhouse on Oct. 19th.

September Meeting Report

October 3rd, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick


September was a busy month for SAM Assembly #12. On September 18th the group hosted a fun lecture with Steve Marshall from Florida by way of Tokyo Japan. Steve has been touring the Midwest Region for most of the summer. His lecture was filled with lots of clever magic inspired by Japanese magicians. The Ben-san Bowl routine with sponge sushi; the Color Changing Rubber bands and the Little Triumph were each remarkable in their own way. As well as being a former “Ringling Clown,” Steve is a very entertaining magician.    

Then on Sept. 28th,  President Tom O’Lenick called the regular meeting to order by reminding the dozen people in attendance that dues is due for the 2018-2019 year. If paid prior to the next meeting (which can be done on the website, the assembly will pay (as a special perk) your admission to the magic show that Adam and Lisa Moore are presenting that the Plymouth Playhouse theater. Adam recently made the offer for SAM #12 to hold its October 19th meeting at their show. Following the show, Adam and Lisa will conduct a backstage tour and answer questions from the attendees.

Since the group has been on summer vacation without meetings in July or August, it was fun catching up on member activities. Some included discussions about the Sam National Meeting held in Orlando, the IBM in Grand Rapids, Magic Live in Las Vegas and FISM. During September, the Minnesota group had an excellent representation at the Houdini Club of Wisconsin convention in Appleton (the community where Houdini grew up).

Meeting performances this month included: a Rubber Band effect by Manny Benitis; a Enlarging Chinese Coin presentation by “Magic” Brad Gudim; a Vanishing and Reappearing Coin held high above his head by Larry Kahlow; and a quick coin routine by Drew Hanson. Presentations were followed by snacks broght by Jerry Martin and Tom O’Lenick and deserts hosted by Jennifer Kahlow. Magic chats and sessioning by everyone continued for another hour.

Steve Marshall Lecture

August 26th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick

Plan to attend the Steve Marshall Lecture on Tuesday, September 18 at 7pm at the Regency Woods Apts Community Room, 2200 South Plymouth Road  in Minnetonka. Regency Woods is just west of Ridgedale Center Mall with easy access from I-394 and I-494, Current SAM Assembly #12 members may attend without charge. Others will be charged $20. You can register online.

In Steve’s lecture you will learn magic that Steve has personally used in his shows for paying audiences so he knows that it works and the strong reactions the material gets. You will learn Steve’s original effects as well as magic from Japanese magicians who are friends of his and have a unique way of thinking about the art and presentation of magic. You will also learn items for close-up and stage routines as well as Steve’s presentational tips that make everything play well.

Bring your questions as well as Steve loves to discuss magic with you and tell stories of his life and travels.


No July or August SAM #12 Meetings

July 13th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick

Hello Everyone:

Just wanted to alert you that there will be no July or August SAM#12 meetings. Its summer vacation time. Have fun!

We will be back with a great lecture (free for SAM#12 members) on Tuesday, September 18th at 7 pm featuring Steve Marshall who is well know for his skill with dice. He was trained by Jim Zachary (who wrote the book on Dice Stacking). The lecture will be held at the Regency Woods Apartments Community room in Minnetonka.

Our next official meeting will be on Friday, September 28th (moved back one week to not conflict with the Houdini Club of Wisconsin Magic Convention) at 7 pm at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville. Have a great summer!

SAM#12 June Meeting

June 8th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick

SAM #12 meeting

at 7 pm 6/15/2018 


The theme will be “Dice.” Do a dice stacking routine; show how the numbers on opposite sides of the dice can magically change; cause the dice to shrink or change colors. Or how about a dice box effect? Never say die. See what you can up with! And remember if you perform at the meeting you will be eligible to win a magic trick donated by one of the gracious dealers who have contributed to the SAM 12 “Performance Award!”


May Meeting Minutes

June 7th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick


Summer finally arrived in the Twin Cities with scorching temperatures over 90 degrees but that didnt hinder a good turn out for the May meeting. Discussions about magic activities during the month included a report on Steve Daly’s AbraCornDabra regional convention in Des Moines which featured Gene Anderson, The Other Brothers, Tim Sonnefelt, Jonathan Burns, Bill Smith, David Charvet, Keith West and company and Rudy Coby!

President Tom O’Lenick also reported on his trip to the Knights of Sleights Magic Flea Market in Chicago just prior to AbraCornDabra.

Upcoming events announced at the meeting: Steve Marshall Lecture on September 18th (free to SAM members); Ben Trainer performance/lecture on June 10th for Sunday Night Magic.

The group also chose the theme for the June 15th meeting. It will be “Dice.” You know, those little square cubes in various sizes with colors and numbers on them. See what you can come up with that will qualify to win a performance prize.

MagicBrad Gudim began the performance portion of the meeting with a clever variation on the “Ramsey Stack of Coins” using a time shift story and a “magic crystal.” Adam Moore shared a trick that David Copperfield did on an early television special called Room Service created by Jonathan Neal Brown. Adam also asked for patter/presentation tips on the Penney to Dime trick and Coloring Book which his son is doing for a school performance. To qualify for the drawing, Drew Hanson then did a nice vanishing finger ring that kept reappearing on his finger. Drew also show his leather crafting skills to some members. He made leather cover tubes for the Ramsey Coin Routine. Finally, Larry Kahlow did a colorful Stiff Rope and won the performance prize drawing donated by Steve Goshman (

Sandwich snacks provided by Paul Ladig, popcorn by Tom O’Lenick and cookies by Adam Moore were presented by host Jennifer Kahlow. Everyone mingled and chatted about magic until much later in the evening. On the subject of food, we are planning a fun picnic event for our July gathering. Keep an eye open for the details.

May Meeting is a “Freeform” Theme!

May 1st, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick

Friday, May 25th
Incomprable, unequalled, distinctive, different, unique, eccentric, silly, fun, clever or just plain unparalleled. That’s how you may describe the tricks you’ll see at the May 25 “Freeform” meeting of Society of American Magician’s Assembly #12 of Minnespolis/St. Paul. It will be held at Eagle Magic and Joke Store on 11995 County Road 11 in Burnsville at 7 pm. Practice up and bring a trick that fits one of the adjectives above. See you then! By the way, we will once again award a special prize to someone who performs for the group. 


April Meeting Minutes

May 1st, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick

Paul Ladig gets ready to perform

a miracle for the group.

Magic Brad Gudim and Manny Betinis look on. 

Prior to performances, we paid tribute to Bill Von Stocken who recently passed away. Bill, aka Darnay, mentored Justin Flom (as a young magian) who created a brief video tour of the theater, pictures of magicians, props and books that Darnay kept in the basement of his home. It was a very sentimental memory.

We then discussed creating a “Tribute Page” of deceased SAM members to add to our website. Even though the idea was enthusiastically embraced, there were a lot of questions about how to handle the information and what should be included. So a committee headed up by Greg Broder was created to explore details and how to proceed. Steve Peer, who first suggested the idea, Adam Moore our web administrator, and Larry Kahlow will also be members.

Tom O’Lenick and David Stahl reported on their recent trip to work as Stage Manager and Production Supervisor for the 50th Annual Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) Awards Show. David Copperfield was named “Magician of the Decade.” Numerous Showroom and Fellowship Awards were presented by Dick Van Dyke, Paul Reubens, John Gaughn, Mike Caveney, Michael Carbanaro and others. Notable recipients included Richard Turner, Johnny “Ace” Palmer, Shoot Ogawa, Collector Ken Klosterman, Historian Peter Lane and Shimada. Comedian and television personality Larry Wilmore was the host and Erika Larsen, Past President of the AMA was the Executive Producer.

The group also approved a lecture by Magician Steve Marshall on Tuesday, Sept. 18th. Steve, a former MUM columnist has appeared on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us and now lives in Japan. Mark your calendars. This will be a free event for SAM members. For all others admission will be $20.

“Rising cards and other ways to cause a card to magically leave the deck,” was the theme for our April Assembly meeting. Larry Kahlow started the performances by showing a technique for making a card rise from the deck using his little finger. Then, Paul Ladig showed a clever trick using a plexiglass holder with a rod penetrating the center. When the rod was removed, the deck “plopped” down and left the selected card rising out of the deck. David Stahl performed a Devano style rising cards finding two selected cards. Tom O’Lenick demonstrated Cardiographic Lite by Martin Lewis.

Treats were provided by Paul Ladig, Jerry Martin, Tom O’Lenick and Jennifer Kahlow. Magical socializing followed for about another hour.


Chatting after the meeting with Larry Kahlow, Brad Gudim,

David Stahl and Tom O’Lenick.