Assembly 12 had a “sponge-worthy” evening

February 19, 2010:
The theme of sponge-magic began with Bruce Kilber using a coin purse-frame to produce sponge balls. Dave Taylor explained that he prefers square shaped sponges as, “they don’t roll away.” Adam Moore performed Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square and shared the success-story of his first Super-X levitation utilizing a volunteer. Host Larry Kahlow gave us a wonderful history of sponge magic and samples of today’s varieties. Both Larry and David Stahl shared Al Goshman stories that we won’t repeat. Darnay gave us a peek at (perhaps) the word’s largest sponge-rabbit.

The evening wasn’t all sponge magic. Brent Andera introduced us to PowerBall-60, the Sander’s/Abbott retooling of the classic magic number square prediction effect.

Joe Otto demonstrated one way to stop annoying cell-phone interruptions with his cell-phone into water bottle penetration. David Stahl demonstrated a delightful bill packet switch.

Kenny Shank performed the illuminating 4-lamp, switchbox effect and Jack Nordin shared from his collection of Chinese sticks, the square fishing poles.

It was after all the formal presentations, in a corner of the room where, surrounded, Tom O’Lenick quietly and casually held an ordinary brass bolt while the nut slowly and magically unscrewed into a spectator’s hand (all to be instantly examined). What a way to end the evening. [ now available]

Assembly 12 members riveted on sponge-magic
Assembly 12 members riveted on sponge-magic

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