Assembly 12 Celebrates 86th anniversary with a “Past Presidents Performance”

Reminder:  Twin Cities Assembly 12 begins meeting at the new location of Eagle Magic Shop, Burnsville starting Sep, ’09 (same day/date).

The past presidents of Assembly 12 representing 27 years of leadership joined us for a special evening where the leadership performed for the members.

William VonStocken (72-73,93-95) opened with a version of “cut here” as a newspaper prediction. 

Jack Nordin (74-75, 76-77), in tux, presented Gospel stories using the juggling ball transposition and Chinese rice bowls.

Jerry Martin (86-88; 99-2001) opened with comic juggling. A humorous rendition of the 3 rope trick including a shoelace conundrum.

Bruce Colton (88-90) entertained us with a three card illustration of the classic story of the wool sweater, a party, and an emaciated Mexican Chihuahua.  Bruce closed with a dual, any card at any number routine.

Mike Arazi (95-99) performed a great poker routine.

Current president Adam Moore performed the teach-a-(teach-a)-trick version of the vanishing silk (& egg). 

Jim Kostick (04-05) had us laughing with his giant (hula hoop) linking rings. 

Dave Taylor (05-07) complete with stripping music, performed the classic Hank Moorehouse straightjacket routine. 



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