February 2009 Meeting

Theme: Magic I saw/learned from Television

The assembly moved that we accept the gracious offer of Larry Kahlow to host the meetings at Eagle Magic.  It was decided that (with Larry’s final approval) we would start meeting there in September, after the three-month summer hiatus.

Adam and his lovely wife (and capable assistant) Lisa performed a wonderful version of metamorphosis.  Don French used two chairs and a rope to illustrate a story about a one-semaphore town in the 1940s.

Jack Nordin (left) demonstrated his latest moves in the now-infamous rope routine.

Darnay “took us home” (literally) with video of a complete performance from his home-theater during a SAM Assembly-12 meeting in the mid 1980s.  In that Halloween-themed performance, Darnay performed death defying illusions and a levitation with (then teen-age) Suzanne.

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