January 2009 Meeting

Justin Alan was our featured guest.

Prior to Justin’s lecture, we applauded the success of the November meeting held at Eagle Magic.  We voted against having meeting-locations rotate between member-homes.

The obituary that Darnay had graciously prepared for Jerry Johnson was read aloud.

It was agreed that the March meeting will feature and acknowledge past presidents of SAM Assembly-12. 

Then it was time for Justin.  In addition to a delightful sampling of his routine, Justin also shared some of his observations and rules on restaurant magic.  We saw a here, then there signed-card routine, a card-to-wallet using his preferred “Real Man’s” brand wallet, and a vanishing tissue sucker routine using a roll of toilet paper (one-ply).  We also were entertained with a teathered-folded card illusion and the “Instant M.C.” routine.  Justin closed with a tic tac toe prediction.  Thank you Justin.

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