February S.A.M. Midwest RVP Newsletter

Isn’t the Midwest a wonderful place to live? Some of you are reading this in balmy weather while others are reading this with snow up to your knees. I fall into the latter category. Wherever you are and whatever the climate is, I hope you’re doing well.

I have some pretty exciting news for you. But first, I have to share my gratitude with some people. First of all, a big “Thank You” to Assembly #8 in St. Louis. I had the pleasure of lecturing for them on January 26th and had a wonderful time. From the time my plane landed to the time I took off the next day, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They even included pictures of my lecture (and a very generous review) on their website, www.assembly8.com. Thank you so much for your hospitality, Assembly #8. I also want to thank Assembly #293 in Lincoln for presenting me with a Certificate of Appreciation for my support of their Assembly. My first official duty when I became the Midwest RVP was to present Assembly #293 with their Charter. This Assembly holds a special place in my heart, and I am thrilled to see how active it is and how much it has grown. Finally, I have to thank my own Assembly, Assembly #7 in Omaha for presenting me with the David P. Abbott Award at the annual Wizard’s Banquet on January 21st. This is the highest award my Assembly gives, and the criteria for receiving the award are very high. I am both honored and humbled, and I promise to do all that I can to live up to this award.

Now, on to the exciting news …

We have our own Facebook Page!!! It’s “S.A.M. Midwest RVP”. I’ll be putting S.A.M. news, convention information, Midwest magic news, magic-related fun stuff, etc. on there whenever the stuff becomes available. This means you’ll be getting information in a more timely manner. I’ll still do the newsletter, but I think this will be a nice enhancement. I promise you that I won’t be posting anything about what I’m eating, or inviting you to play Farmville or anything like that. So tell your magician friends about it and let’s have some fun on Facebook!

So, have you signed up for the S.A.M. Convention in Las Vegas yet? If not, you missed out on saving $25. The registration fee is now $250 (I warned you.) Here’s another warning for you … the fee goes up again on April 1st. No this isn’t an early April Fool’s Day joke. On April 1st, registration goes up to $275. Even at that price, it’s a heck of a deal. Rooms at the Golden Nugget are $45. No, that’s not a typo. $45. An upgraded room is $55. And if you want to really be a high-roller, a room in the Rush Tower, which is about 20% larger than the other rooms is a whopping $75 dollars. Seriously, any way you slice it or dice it, this convention is a bargain. Oh yeah, and treat yourself to the banquet for an extra $70. You’ll be glad you did. Trust me. Go to www.magicsam.com to register.

Speaking of the Convention … the Stars of Tomorrow show is looking for young performers. If you know someone age 7 through 17 who would like to perform at the S.A.M. Convention in Las Vegas, have them get in touch with Marlene Clark. This is a paid gig. But not only will they get paid, they’ll get two free convention registrations plus a one year membership in the Society of Young Magicians. Last year, Vincent Villamonte did a fine job of representing the Midwest in the Stars of Tomorrow show and I’d really like to have another young talent represent us in Las Vegas. On a personal note, I always enjoy seeing the Stars of Tomorrow show at the Convention. It’s gratifying to see young performers who are so enthralled with magic. If you go to the convention, make sure that you see this show. More information about applying for the Stars of Tomorrow show can be found at www.magicsam.com.

The next National Council meeting is March 17th in Philadelphia. Yes, I’m planning on being there. I haven’t missed a National Council meeting since I became the RVP 2½ years ago. If there are any issues you want me to bring up to the National Council, now is the time to let me know.

Let me leave you with one more nugget of S.A.M. information. I encourage you to visit the S.A.M. Gifts & Insignia Page. www.samgifts.org. You’ll find S.A.M. clothing, wands, cards, pins, cuff links, tie bars, scarves, hats, cups … the list goes on and on. It’s a great way to show off your membership in the S.A.M.

That’s all for this month. Have a happy and safe February and remember to check out the S.A.M. Midwest RVP Facebook page.

Yours in M-U-M,
Jeff Sikora
S.A.M. Midwest RVP

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