Hot chili and a surprise guest at this Friday’s meeting

We will be meeting on Friday, February 17, 2012. This month Sandy Meyer will treat us to a preview performance of her new clown character’s 15 minute show followed by chili. She says, “Come prepared to fill your belly with chili and laughs (get it … belly laughs?).”

Coming up in March, we will begin a new learning series where members are encouraged to bring any tips they may have on presentation or technique for a classic trick or prop like Cut & Restored Rope, Change Bag, Linking Rings, Dove Pan, Professor’s Nightmare, Chinese Sticks, Scotch & Soda, Sleeve Bouquet, Flash Paper, Sponge Balls, Liquid Tricks, and Thumbtip. Please respond with suggestions for other topics to include in the series, and tell us which one you think should be the topic for March.

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