May 2010 Meeting: Escapes

Dave Taylor, Jerry Martin, Mark Heinrich.

Dave Taylor, Jerry Martin, Mark Heinrich.

Perhaps it was the theme of escapes or the lure of strait jackets that
attracted a record 20 people to our May meeting. Meeting notes of
interest include the reminder that we do not meet in June, July, or
August; and that valued member Geoff Williams will be moving to Florida.

Thanks to outgoing president Adam Moore and V.P. Steven Peer and congratulations to incoming president Jerry Martin and V.P. Mark Heinrich.

With the close of the meeting, Jack Nordin opened with the squeeze away blocks performed on a circa 1890 table that may have been owned by Houdini.

Darnay revealed the light and dark side of famed magician Jay Marshall.

Brent Andera performed a 5-phase ring & rope routine.

Dave Taylor, in full bi-wing pilot regalla, performed his rendition,
with permission, of Hank Moorehouse’s strait jacket escape (complete
with Dave Rose’s “The Stripper”).

In humorous style, Justin Alan performed two rope escapes.

Rick Ausland tap danced on a custom luggage-stage he’d invented. Adam Moore donned a strait jacket, but only for the 30 seconds it took to escape – the length of the musical excerpt from Mission: Impossible (see it here)

Mark Henrich, in homage to Indian- magician Kahn Be Singh, performed his “classic” ring-off-snake.

Geoff Williams performed a fiction-imitating-life version of cups and balls to poetry where three old men, in their “tubs”, somehow ended up retired to Florida.

Larry Anderson, circa 1970

Larry Anderson, circa 1970

Host and Eagle Magic Shop owner Larry Kahlow wrapped-up the evening retelling his 1970s death-defying antics of suspending “friend” Larry Anderson 5-stories over a downtown mall, in strait jacket, using only old, semi-rotten ski rope.

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