April & the 3 of C

April 16, 2010, Burnsville, MN — The theme of our April meeting was to contemplate and celebrate the magical properties of the three of clubs (Tarot meaning of comprehension; also favorite forced card of Penn & Teller).

Adam Moore performed “Thinking Cap,” where the group “somehow” divined the 3C. Steven Peer premiered “Emote,” a mind-reading effect he’d just learned at a Tyler Erickson workshop. Dave Taylor shared his love of strait jackets and handcuffs; then flawlessly dealt out Don Allen’s “Big Deal.” Host and Eagle Magic Shop owner Larry Kahlow performed “Stop Trick” where, incredibly, the spectator dealt to the 3C! Darnay told a charming story-effect about his trip to NYC where he was introduced to the 3 card monte (Tonte’s version). Charlie revisited Zen’s classic card & envelope trick, “My Fifteen Card Trick.”

Last up, Jack Nordin took us back in time as he slowly assembled a beautiful, vintage, brass P&L magician’s table (just one in his vast collection). On that table, Jack performed his vintage, Thayer-made “Blue Phantom” effect.

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