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September season kick-off

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The first meeting of S.A.M. Assembly #12 for the 2010-11 year took place September 17th at Eagle Magic Store, working loosely around a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” theme. Jerry Martin led off with a rope trick in which a knot tied in the middle appears to jump off; Jerry’s effect was published in M-U-M 35 years ago, and will soon be featured on the S.A.M. National website. Dave Taylor presented a pair of gospel-themed illusions: one – his Pastor’s fave – shows how a broken direct phone line to God can be restored, and the other – one that looked a lot like an Egg Bag – was intended to be a Blackberry Spoiler. Adam Moore showed off a video his employer produced, in which Adam did a quick presentation of two scooters from a newspaper. Then, Steven Peer gave a demonstration of his “Made in America” elevator trick. Jack Nordin was next, using a 130-year-old magic table to present a slow-motion block penetration originally marketed by Town House Magic. The one and only Darnay the Magician followed with a bit of mind-reading with jumbo cards that had been surgically bisected; somehow, the two half-cards matched each other, as well as matching Darnay’s prediction. Larry Kahlow showed around a “Hot Rod” decoration, and talked about the vanish of a marked coin from a drinking glass, only to be found in the cash register’s till. Finally, Jim Rue rounded out the evening’s performances with the slow but inevitable vanish of three half dollars – very visual!