What’s happening in May?

We are going to cancel the May meeting because quite a few people are going to be at AbraCORNdabra on our “normal” day (the third Friday of the month). We talked about having a hybrid meeting on the 19th with the in-person location being at AbraCORNdabra. Kevin and Adam looked into it, but logistically, it’s not going to work very well.

For those going to AbraCORNdabra, we are meeting at the hotel restaurant (Bennigan’s) on Friday at 4:30pm. Please send us a message if you’re going to be there so we reserve the right size table.

In case you’re curious, we didn’t meet on the second Friday because several others were at the Magic Collector Expo and weren’t sure they’d be back in time for a meeting, and several other people were unavailable. We’re not going to meet on the fourth Friday because there wasn’t much enthusiasm for meeting on the 26th since that’s Memorial Day Weekend.

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