Holiday gathering with a “Magical Gift Exchange” on Friday, December 13th in Minnetonka

All SAM, members, IBM members, and other local magicians are welcome to attend.

This event will be held at the Regency Wood’s Community Room at 2200 Plymouth Road in Minnetonka (just west of the Ridgedale Center Mall). We will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Please bring some food to share with the group.

Also, please bring a wrapped magic gift valued at $15 to $20 for the “Magical Gift Exchange.” It should be a “complete” performable trick (with instructions) in good condition, a magic book or pamphlet, a magic DVD, or magic memorabilia item. We will play a game for the wrapped gifts. Open them. Then everyone will have a chance to “steal” someone else’s present.

The community room has a small mini 12-seat theater. If you would like to bring a small performance, please do so. If we have time, we’ll do a round table discussion on Scotch and Soda (or Dime and Penny). Feel free to bring your favorite routine or ideas.

It promises to be an evening full of holiday fun. Please plan to attend. Bring a magic friend or family member! Don’t forget to bring a wrapped gift and food to share with everyone.

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