December Meeting Report

Everybody that attended the December Meeting of the Hocus-Pocus SAM Assembly #12 was most certainly in the holiday spirit. Prior to the a very short business meeting, casual discussion focused on stories about magician Ricky Jay who had recently passed away. Paul Ladig passed around a copy of the New Yorker Magazine feature article on Jay from 1993.
This month’s theme was “Rope Magic” and performers included Paul Ladig who demonstrated an ‘Acrobatic Jumping Knot of Pakistan.” He cleverly themed his presentation using small circus images surrounding a center ring over which the ropes did their “jumping act” to upbeat music. Next up Paul Black and Kevin Smith pulled the “Red Ropes of Blood” through audience member Jennifer Kahlow. Following the penetration, an appropriately large band aid was applied to the affected area. Drew Hanson was the only member of the evening that performed the Professor’s Nightmare. He included moves from the Tabary routine to extend the handling of the ropes. New member Tom Fagerstrom did a short coin routine for the group. Our host Larry Kahlow showed that he can easily “Shake a Knot” into a rope. Later he taught some that were interested how to do it, too. Practice is needed.
Another evening’s activity had the members breaking up into teams to sort colored M&M’s into bowls using spoons. The winners of this race were Kevin Smith, Paul Black and Paul Ladig each of whom received a magical prize for their efforts. I’m not sure how many M’s were consumed in the process, although I’m sure some were eaten.
A table full of holiday food and beverages magically appeared provided by Paul Ladig (subs), Tom O’Lenick (little hot dogs) and Jennifer Kahlow (scalloped potatoes). While others brought desert treats (cookies, bars and candy).
Everyone brought a wrapped gift for the final activity of the night, a holiday gift exchange. Magic trivia questions were asked of the group. A correct answer allowed the individual to choose one of the gifts. When all the gifts had been chosen, they were opened and shown to the group. Then the fun began as each person rolled two dice which decided the fate of the holder’s gift (stolen, frozen, passed to the left or right). Lots of laughter and even a few regrets were expressed as the game progressed. Two very popular gifts that were fought over and moved around often were the “Hickory Farms Gift Box” and the “Reshuffled Cards.” It was said that there may have even been some gifts traded after the game. Ho, ho, ho…Happy Holidays to all and to all a goodnight!


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