May Meeting Minutes


Summer finally arrived in the Twin Cities with scorching temperatures over 90 degrees but that didnt hinder a good turn out for the May meeting. Discussions about magic activities during the month included a report on Steve Daly’s AbraCornDabra regional convention in Des Moines which featured Gene Anderson, The Other Brothers, Tim Sonnefelt, Jonathan Burns, Bill Smith, David Charvet, Keith West and company and Rudy Coby!

President Tom O’Lenick also reported on his trip to the Knights of Sleights Magic Flea Market in Chicago just prior to AbraCornDabra.

Upcoming events announced at the meeting: Steve Marshall Lecture on September 18th (free to SAM members); Ben Trainer performance/lecture on June 10th for Sunday Night Magic.

The group also chose the theme for the June 15th meeting. It will be “Dice.” You know, those little square cubes in various sizes with colors and numbers on them. See what you can come up with that will qualify to win a performance prize.

MagicBrad Gudim began the performance portion of the meeting with a clever variation on the “Ramsey Stack of Coins” using a time shift story and a “magic crystal.” Adam Moore shared a trick that David Copperfield did on an early television special called Room Service created by Jonathan Neal Brown. Adam also asked for patter/presentation tips on the Penney to Dime trick and Coloring Book which his son is doing for a school performance. To qualify for the drawing, Drew Hanson then did a nice vanishing finger ring that kept reappearing on his finger. Drew also show his leather crafting skills to some members. He made leather cover tubes for the Ramsey Coin Routine. Finally, Larry Kahlow did a colorful Stiff Rope and won the performance prize drawing donated by Steve Goshman (

Sandwich snacks provided by Paul Ladig, popcorn by Tom O’Lenick and cookies by Adam Moore were presented by host Jennifer Kahlow. Everyone mingled and chatted about magic until much later in the evening. On the subject of food, we are planning a fun picnic event for our July gathering. Keep an eye open for the details.

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