Bring your change bag to this Friday’s meeting.

At our meeting on Friday, March 16, 2012, we will begin a new learning series where members are encouraged to bring any tips they may have on presentation or technique for a classic trick or prop. The topic for this month is change bags. Bring your change bags large and small, one- and two-handed, two- and three-way, with and without a zipper, traditional style and disguised as something normal (change cap anyone?). Then …

  • demonstrate any unique features,
  • offer a tip on handling this prop,
  • perform a routine that uses it,
  • talk about its history or that of change bags in general, or
  • recommend a related book or DVD.

Looking for ideas? Check out “Time for a Change” on page 52 of the January 2012 issue of M-U-M.

Whether or not you have anything change bag-related, come ready to learn something new and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow magicians.

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