September Meeting Report

Jerry Martin performing Blok-Kord

Jerry Martin performing Blok-Kord

We began the September meeting by noting the obvious — that we’re meeting in a new place — and thanking Larry and Jennifer Kahlow for Eagle Magic’s hospitality. We also welcomed guests and new members Brent, Marc, Charlie, and Todd.

Next we had convention reports. Mike Arazi and Dave Taylor reported on the Houdini Convention in Wisconsin with headliner George Saterial from Boston. The convention was held at a beautiful hotel. Unfortunately, attendance was low this year. Mike brought some extra commemorative t-shirts produced by Tim Taylor which he offered to sell after the meeting to anyone who was interested.

Adam Moore reported on the I.B.M. convention held at the impressive Opryland Hotel in Nashville. The Thursday evening show directed by and featuring Jorge Blass with David & Dania, Yuji Yamamoto, Kyle Eschen, Latimer, and An Ha Lim was excellent. Other favorite events included Losander’s lecture and David & Dania’s quick-change workshop.

Jerry Martin attended MAGIC Live in Las Vegas. He particularly liked the one-hour, one-man-show Expert at the Card Table starring British magician Guy Hollingsworth which brought the Erdnase story to life. The show, produced by Neil Patrick Harris, had excellent story and stagecraft, and Guy’s character was suave and smooth. Jerry really liked it when a gentleman in the front row, who turned out to be Teller, was asked to pick a card and it happened to be the three of clubs. (Years ago in a book by Penn & Teller, they asked magicians to use the three of clubs as an international force card.)

Closer to home, Mike talked about visiting with British pickpocket Lee Thopmson from the cast of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza. (Kooza was in town this summer.) He began developing a pickpocket act when, during his magic show, a volunteer’s watch came off as Lee was leading him to the stage. The volunteer didn’t realize it, so Lee took that opportunity to magically produce it at the end of the routine. This elicited such a positive reaction from the audience, that he began working in earnest to deliberately make pickpocket effects part of his show.

Next month, instead of the regular October meeting, our Assembly will host a magic auction. All magicians are welcome. This will be the great spot to turn old tricks into cash … so you can snap up the great deals on new ones all while supporting your local S.A.M. Assembly 12! There will be flat fee of a $5 to bid and/or sell. This will be waived for Assembly 12 members who have paid their local dues for 2009–2010. (Haven’t paid your dues? You can do so at the door or mail your check to Secretary/Treasurer Dave Taylor.) In the interest of time, we ask that sellers bundle smaller items as the opening bid will be $5. Each seller will have 10 minutes to show his or her items. This event will support the Assembly with a 10% commission on all sales.

To celebrate our new meeting location, the theme for this month’s performances was “tricks purchased from Eagle Magic.” Dave started with “Everyone’s a Critic.” Jerry followed with “Blok-Kord” which Doris sold to him. Darnay was next with a Ball & Vase routine and shared his experience purchasing his first Ball & Vase from Colin Pence. Dwight Exe assisted Jim Zurales with “Devistation” using a borrowed deck that (maybe) had been purchased from Eagle. Larry made an announcement that he is interested in acquiring Eagle Magic Shop memorabilia. He then performed and shared stories about the “Miracle Ball.” Donn French shared his take on the theme by demonstrating props he bought that he couldn’t get to work. Kenny Shank showed and talked about the book Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlities that he bought from Eagle when he got back into magic. Adam performed a color changing silk routine with silks he purchased on his first visit to Eagle. Dwight wrapped things up with a jumping rubber band routine.

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