September 2008

Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams

In area magic news, Geoff Williams reported that he saw Litchfield, Minn. native Dan Sperry perform locally with about 300 people in attendance. Dan performed a very limited engagement here between the close of World’s Greatest Magic and starting in V, The Ultimate Variety Show in Las Vegas.

There were 30-40 people at last month’s event honoring Bruce Jensen. Will Earley did an excellent job as the lead organizer and spoke poignantly about Bruce’s influence in Will’s life and magic. Tom Olenick presented an excellent commemorative video with well-wishes from a prestigious group of magicians who Larry Kahlow helped contact.

Jerry Johnson’s cancer has recurred in multiple locations. He started chemo several weeks ago, had a stroke on Saturday, and is back in the hospital.

President Adam Moore shared a message from I.B.M. Ring 19 President Rick Andresen inviting all Assembly 12 members to attend the Ring 19 meeting on October 13th.

Geoff Williams will be at John Luka’s Motor City Close-Up Convention in November and at Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic in April. He will also be shooting a new single-trick DVD on Jack Elmsley’s LA Wowee Zowee Card Prediction Miracle.

As you know, or could probably guess from the preceding paragraph, Geoff is a great magician and a great teacher. We have all learned something from him either formally through his lectures and videos or informally after an Assembly meeting. So, in honor of Geoff, we asked everyone to perform “Something You Learned from Geoff Williams.”

Darnay began with Knot So Tuff, Larry Kalow demonstrated a Vanishing and Appearing Knot, Bruce Kilber shared Talking Jokers. Secretary/Treasurer Dave Taylor “stumbled through” Coincidence, and Adam showed Geoff’s set up for linking rubber bands. Then it was Geoff’s turn.

He started with Miracle Coin Vanish. Next was Arnold Schwarzenquarter by Scott Franz (based on Dizzy Dial). Geoff then performed and taught Card in Pocket which he introduced as a way to build confidence palming cards. He followed this with a routine Scott Franz created in response to spectators who showed him the 21 Card Trick. It’s the same effect — except the cards are face down. Geoff closed with Paul Harris’ Solid Deception.

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