April Meeting Theme

March 30th, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

Hello everyone, the theme for the April SAM #12 Assembly meeting will be: “It’s time for a card trick!” You will have the opportunity to perform your favorite packet trick, sleight of hand move, memorized or full deck miracle using your favorite bridge, poker or jumbo sized playing cards. Give it some thought and get ready to have some springtime fun! See you at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 19th at Eagle Magic and Joke store in Burnsville! 

March Meeting Report

March 16th, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

The snow has begun melting and Spring finally has taken root in Minnesota with temps above freezing which resulted in a good turn out for our March meeting. Unfortunately, a few regulars were not able to attend due to work conflicts and vacations in warmer locations. Nevertheless, we had spirited discussion and some great magical performances. Our theme was “Magic with thumb tips, sixth fingers, Sanada gimmicks and other appendages that can create great magic.” 

President Tom O’Lenick introduced guest John Gaspard who was on hand to promote “Sunday Night Magic” to the group. John, one of the three organizers of the monthly event at Theater in the Round, told everyone about the upcoming Peter Samuelson lecture and show happening in a week. Local magician and SAM member Steve Carlson is the opening act. Gaspard also introduced the new concept of “Flight Time” which will give some individuals a chance to perform in front of a “magic friendly” audience to try out new material. Pop Hayden is scheduled to appear at a Sunday Night Magic in the near future.

Next up we chatted about the book Del Ray, America’s Foremost – The Magician for His Time. We were fortunate to have one of Del Ray’s closest friends, David Stahl on hand to share some fascinating personal stories about Raymond Petrosky and his magic. If you are not aware of his magic you owe it to yourself to look him up on the internet!

Our performances for the evening began with Drew Hansen opening with a handkerchief vanish using a thumb tip in a non-traditional way. The hank went into the “TT” but it left the hand by way of the Vernon Wand Twirl vanish. A few moments later the handkerchief came back with the “TT” hanging at the end of the cloth. Drew got lots of laughs from the group! 

Next, Kevin Smith had a card selected and returned to the deck. He then looked for the “unique and different” card. He found three that seemed to match and finally the chosen one stood vertically on it’s own in front of him making it very “unique and different.”

Our host, Larry Kahlow showed two booklets on Thumb Tips Tricks that were written by the late Gary Darwin of Las Vegas. Kahlow passed around a collection of thumb tips he has acquired over time. Then,  also chatted about various gimmicks including the metal thumb tip used for vanishing a cigarette and the production of a silk from a cocktail napkin using a sixth finger. Something that local Minnesota magician Al Schneider often demonstrated as part of his lectures. 

Finally, Gary, an Assembly #12 guest, showed a clever signed bill switch which used a $1 Million Bill. The spectator’s borrowed signed bill was then found inside a sealed envelope that had been contained within two zippered bags. Well done and welcome, Gary!

Snacks, casual performances and magical conversations continued well into the evening.

March 15th SAM Meeting

March 7th, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

Our next SAM #12 Assembly meeting will be on Friday, March 15th at 7:00pm. The theme will be “Tricks with a Thumb Tip, 6th Finger, Sanada gimmick, and other false appendages with which you can create great magic.” Plan to attend. It will be at Eagle Magic and Joke Store, as usual, in Burnsville. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL. 

February Meeting Report

February 18th, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

President Tom O’Lenick got the meeting started by showing the “heavy weight (almost 11 pounds)” new book written and published by Richard Kaufman called Deland – Mystery and Madness. The book comes with a special deck of cards printed by the US Playing Card Company of tricks that Theodore DeLand created from 1904 until 1931. Some included cards are for The Yogi Wonder Cards; The Devil’s Own Trick; X-ray Pack, and Phantom Card trick. O’Lenick also show two additional decks that Kaufman reprinted; The Automatic Trick Cards (deck with a million marks) and Wonder Deck. Deland was very prolific creating and selling hundreds of card tricks during his lifetime. Theodore DeLand, Jr. died in a psychiatric facility in 1931. 

The group also shared some upcoming regional events. On March 29th, Masters of Illusion will be at Mystic Lake Casino near Minneapolis. Piff, The Magic Dragon will be in nearby Madison, Wi. Jerry Martin will be attending and invited others to ride along. Also in March, Adam and Lisa Moore will be ending their year of performances at the Plymouth Playhouse. 

Tonight’s performances began Larry Kahlow performing the DeLand Phantom Cards. Then a “show and tell” by Jerry Martin. He showed a double reel device made by P&L that allows the magician to “float” a spread of cards between his widely separated hands. The P&L device was sold since the early 1960s. He then showed a clever new version called “Suspenz” which accomplished the same effect.

Next up was Drew Hanson. He show a very clever new trick that utilized a Rubick’s Cube that was mixed and hidden. Drew then correctly predicted the Green side with 100% accuracy. A new technology that most had not heard allowed Drew to fool the group. He was kind enough to share the method with everyone in a short tutorial session. I’m sure Google was deluged with searches following his presentation!

Tom O’Lenick announced he had made a prediction and then continued by asking four people to each select a random digit from 0 to 9 from which they would collectively create a valid time that you would see on a clock. The volunteers decided upon 7:53. O’Lenick then directed their attention to a black cloth bag that had been hanging in full view throughout the entire meeting. Without going near it, he had another individual collect the bag and announce what was inside. Surprisingly, it was a wristwatch set to the exact time that had been randomly created moments earlier. This is a great new effect called “ShowTime.”

Our next SAM #12 Assembly meeting will be on March 15th. The meeting theme will be “Thumb Tips, Sixth Fingers, Sanada gimmicks and other false appendages with which you can create great magic.” Plan to attend. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL. 

January Meeting Report

January 24th, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

The threat of a severe Minnesota winter snow storm didn’t keep many magicians away from the January SAM #12 meeting which featured our annual auction. More than 20 magicians brought pockets full of money to take advantage of the deals that would ultimately be offered by the four sellers that brought boxes, bags, and tubs of magic. Upon a final review of the auction tally sheets more than 60 items were sold (most well below wholesale pricing) to everyone. The club receives 10% of the sale price of each item sold to add to our finances. All area magicians were invite to attend. Non-members were charged a $5 fee to participate in the auction.

Some items featured in the auction included numerous DVD titles, special decks of cards and packet card tricks, some magic collectibles and a few books and pamphlets. Unusually absent from the sale were any gimmicked or specialty coin tricks. I’m sure that most people took advantage of the excellent prices and brought home a new trick or two for their magic collection.   

The SAM Assembly #12 would like to extend special thanks to our Treasurer Adam Moore who tracked all the sales on a time saving computer program created by former local member Geoff Williams (now living in Florida). And, David Stahl who logged every single transaction. And everyone that came to the auction. 

Following the 2+ hour auction, members had snacks and deserts provided by host Larry Kahlow and others who brought yummy treats. Conversations about the “deals” people got continued for another hour. The theme for our next meeting will be “Magic you’ve learned from the Internet” on Friday, February 15th at 7pm at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville. Stay warm! Spring is just around the magical corner! 

The group of “buyers” anticipating the next great deal.
Savvas Nikolaides, one of the auction sellers hawks a dvd!

SAM #12 Auction

January 3rd, 2019 by Tom O'Lenick

Sort through all your old magic because the next SAM Assembly #12 meeting is the annual auction event and will be an opportunity for you to sell all of it! I’m sure lots of great deals will be offered to the group on Friday, January 18th at the meeting. Plan to be there for all the fun! 7 pm at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville.

There is no charge to sell for dues paid members. The non-member fee is $5. Everyone will pay a 10% u for props they sell to the SAM #12 treasury.

SAM#12 Auction on Jan 18th.

December Meeting Report

December 22nd, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick
Everybody that attended the December Meeting of the Hocus-Pocus SAM Assembly #12 was most certainly in the holiday spirit. Prior to the a very short business meeting, casual discussion focused on stories about magician Ricky Jay who had recently passed away. Paul Ladig passed around a copy of the New Yorker Magazine feature article on Jay from 1993.
This month’s theme was “Rope Magic” and performers included Paul Ladig who demonstrated an ‘Acrobatic Jumping Knot of Pakistan.” He cleverly themed his presentation using small circus images surrounding a center ring over which the ropes did their “jumping act” to upbeat music. Next up Paul Black and Kevin Smith pulled the “Red Ropes of Blood” through audience member Jennifer Kahlow. Following the penetration, an appropriately large band aid was applied to the affected area. Drew Hanson was the only member of the evening that performed the Professor’s Nightmare. He included moves from the Tabary routine to extend the handling of the ropes. New member Tom Fagerstrom did a short coin routine for the group. Our host Larry Kahlow showed that he can easily “Shake a Knot” into a rope. Later he taught some that were interested how to do it, too. Practice is needed.
Another evening’s activity had the members breaking up into teams to sort colored M&M’s into bowls using spoons. The winners of this race were Kevin Smith, Paul Black and Paul Ladig each of whom received a magical prize for their efforts. I’m not sure how many M’s were consumed in the process, although I’m sure some were eaten.
A table full of holiday food and beverages magically appeared provided by Paul Ladig (subs), Tom O’Lenick (little hot dogs) and Jennifer Kahlow (scalloped potatoes). While others brought desert treats (cookies, bars and candy).
Everyone brought a wrapped gift for the final activity of the night, a holiday gift exchange. Magic trivia questions were asked of the group. A correct answer allowed the individual to choose one of the gifts. When all the gifts had been chosen, they were opened and shown to the group. Then the fun began as each person rolled two dice which decided the fate of the holder’s gift (stolen, frozen, passed to the left or right). Lots of laughter and even a few regrets were expressed as the game progressed. Two very popular gifts that were fought over and moved around often were the “Hickory Farms Gift Box” and the “Reshuffled Cards.” It was said that there may have even been some gifts traded after the game. Ho, ho, ho…Happy Holidays to all and to all a goodnight!


Holiday Event Friday, Dec 21st

December 11th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick
Here comes our Holiday event gathering! The next SAM Assembly #12 will be Friday, Dec 21st at Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville at 7 pm. The performance theme will be “Ropes” so bring something to perform. We’ll also have a White Elephant Gift Exchange so please bring a wrapped present valued at about $20 for the exchange. The gifts will be distributed after answering a magic trivia question. Then, the next round so will be able to steal another person’s gift (all in FUN). Following that we will devour all the food that everyone brings to share with the group. 

Plan Ahead for the January 18th meeting which will be the annual magic auction!

Moore Magic is SAM#12 October Meeting

October 22nd, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick
Adam Moore conducts the backstage tour for the group. He points out a massive electrical box once used for lighting in the theater but, now is totally non-functional. Impressive but useless.
Below, Adam is in front of a double door that can not easily be used as it exits underneath an outside deck of the restaurant that is directly above the Moore Magic Showroom.
Members of the SAM Assembly #12 Hocus-Pocus Club were treated to a  fun performance by Adam and Lisa Moore’s “Moore Magic” show at the Plymouth Playhouse Theater for our October meeting. The 90 minute show featured a Palaquin Production; Metamorphosis (aka Sub Trunk); and a fast paced Stock Exchange. Many smaller effects were individually presented by the magic couple such as, multiple rope tricks; bottle tricks; some scientific demonstrations which incorporated magical moments; multiplying billiard balls; a self dividing banana, and a clever baseball themed dart board card trick. Adam even showed how to perform a couple of simple tricks with colored handkerchiefs and and egg.
Following the actual performance which also showcased audience participation, Adam gave the SAM #12 group a backstage tour. He showed his sound and music set up, lighting controls and how his stage crew (his kids) maneuver around the huge concrete pillars on each side of the curtained  black box  area, where props are stored when not being used. They also have a simple closed circuit video system that allows them to see what’s happening on stage while preparing for the next trick backstage.
The show is truly a family affair as Adam and Lisa and their two children Carter and Jason work the concession stand, take care of all box office activities and ticketing, handle the theater marketing tasks, booking shows, creating of new magic routines for the show, emptying the trash and even cleaning the bathrooms. Anything and eveything you can imagine!
Then, during an informal question and answer session Adam offered tips about setting up and reopening the 211 seat theater venue that sat empty for nearly six months. Their future plans include hosting an Shakespearian acting troupe that will present a play, a local singer’s event and even a family magic show during the Christmas Season with Santa Claus. If you will be visiting the Twin Cities why not plan on a visit to the Plymouth Playhouse.
Our November meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 9th. One week earlier than our normal meeting date. We will return to the regular meeting place – Eagle Magic and Joke Store in Burnsville at 7pm. The theme will be to show something new that you’ve recently been practicing. Until soon, best magical wishes, TomOL.

SAM#12 to see Moore Magic @ Plymouth Playhouse

October 9th, 2018 by Tom O'Lenick




Sam Assembly #12 is excited to announce that our next meeting on Friday, October 19th at 7 p.m. will be held at the Plymouth Playhouse to see Adam and Lisa Moore (Moore Magic) perform their 80 minute magic show. Following the show there will be a backstage tour of the theater and a question and answers session. individuals that join the SAM #12 (dues $15) prior to the meeting will be able to get into the show for free. Dues may be paid online at SAM12.org. Become an SAM Assembly #12 member right away and take advantage of the free admission to see Moore Magic at the Plymouth Playhouse on Oct. 19th.