Hecklers & Disasters

Whether Karma, a poor night’s sleep, or unaccounted variables, things happen to undermine our otherwise “perfect” performances. Tonight was a retelling of such disasters.

Dave Taylor shared when 8-year olds – hopped-up on soda and confronted by the sassy patter of Hippity-Hop rabbits – rushed the stage. ┬áThank God for the chicken wire.

Jerry Martin told how he recovered from his finger chopper effect when he inadvertently selected a woman who was missing two fingers.

Sandy Meyer retooled some classic effects in St. Patrick’s day “clothing” including the Professor’s nightmare and Grandma’s necklace.

Steven Peer played the “Mr Obvious” role with his caution (from personal experience) never to accept a one-hour kid’s show.

Eagle Magic shop owner (and meeting host) Larry Kahlow shared “hip-hop” Hippity-Hop patter and a few dove disasters. He also explained how he controls children’s shows by playing past the kids to the parents.

Aaron Timmerman was brief, yet succinct in his observation that relatives can make the worst audience.

Towards avoiding problems with floating bill effects, Kenny Shank walked us through his quest to find the perfect ITR.

Adam Moore retold when his sub trunk nearly “truncated” the evening. Then he performed his multiplying billiard balls routine in order to replay one evening of heckler’s comments.

Darnay observed that heckling, over the years, has diminished as magic has grown in respect. From his newspaper archives, he recited some classic heckler-comebacks used by Henny Youngman.

Lastly, Jerry told us of a show he’d never forget for returning WWII amputees and one man’s resolve when he went to clap for the first time, realized he couldn’t, and instantly adapted by clapping his lone hand to his knee.

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