November Meeting at Eagle

Minneapolis, MN  This month’s meeting took place at the new location of the oldest, continuously-operating magic store in the U.S.A. — Eagle Magic.

Meeting at New Eagle Magic Store

Photo: Jennifer Kahlow

Owner Larry Kahlow shared with the members some of the rich history of the store since it’s inception in 1899 including visits by Houdini and Thurston.  On this night he performed two knots-on/off rope trick.  Jack Nordin followed with a different kind of rope trick; that of a cowboy, swinging and twirling a lasso.  Darnay shared a bent-nail puzzle similar to one that fascinated him as a small boy.  Aaron Timmerman  flashed all of us with a wad of bills that changed from ones to hundreds.  Geoff Williams entertained with Hart’s Link and Adam Moore performed a thumb-cuff escape and vanish.  Bob Miller closed with an entire routine he has been developing that included versions of Feeling Flushed, Shuffleboard, and a BAM method of tracking five cards.  Thank you Larry for opening your doors to us.

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